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Full envelope aeromodel

-The first and only real-time CFD flight dynamics model-

With the AGL flight model, new computational methods displace the old industry standard. Together with recent innovations, the AGL technology utilizes the high computing power of modern CPUs and GPUs, low level optimization and parallel computing to run CFD-code in real-time. This enables creating a flight dynamics model by defining the geometry of the aircraft and additional data for the airfoil properties. The immediate result is an aircraft type specific flight dynamics model with the correct flight characteristics.

The AGL Flight Model is accompanied by powerful tools to make adjustments and fine tuning. The tuning can be made in real time during flight. Exact matching to test flight data is possible, which enables FSTD certification at all levels. The unique approach reduces the time and effort spent in the development and acceptance test phases, shortening time-to-market, reducing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The AGL Flight Model has remarkable advantages over the standard method of the industry:

  • It is possible to create a type specific flight model from the geometry of an aircraft, without flight test data, even for exotic or unconventional geometries.
  • In the case flight test data is available and the model is fine-tuned, the model accurately predicts the aircraft handling beyond the scope of the data.
  • The time spent on subjective approval tests is reduced, because the control feeling is natural to the pilots and adjustments can be done while the pilot is flying.
  • The model predicts the stall and spin characteristics of the aircraft. For example, it predicts the point along the wing where the stall first occurs and how it propagates, taking into account all flight parameters, such as the control surface positions, side slip angle, rotational motion, motion history, and more. This performance is very difficult or impossible to match using the conventional look up table approach, because the number of different combinations of flight parameters and flight history is practically infinite.
  • All the aerodynamic effects are included automatically, such as the aerodynamic ground effect, "C_L_alpha_dot"-effect and more.
  • Control force feedback is provided based on the local flow conditions around the control surfaces, including the special effects in upset flight conditions if applicable for the aircraft.
  • Icing effects can be included in the data of the airfoils, automatically resulting into correct changes in flight and stall characteristics.
  • The geometry of the aircraft can be modified in real-time, allowing accurate damage and ordnance modeling for civil and military aviation purposes.

Based on customer needs we also deliver:

  • Ground reaction model, including tire elasticity, landing gear strut bending, ground friction changes, parking, control force feedback from landing gear steering, and more.
  • Engine models for piston engines, turboprops and jet engines.

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