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AGL Desktop Trainer

Unique upset recovery training on a desktop PC


The unique AGL Desktop Trainer utilizes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to model the airflow around the aircraft. Introducing this new technology allows for an unlimited flight envelope and real-time visualization of the lift, opening up completely new training opportunities:

  • Learn by understanding the underlying physics
  • Fly the aircraft into stalls and spins to explore the true aircraft behavior when the marginals are exceeded
  • Incorporate the AGL Desktop Trainer into classroom teaching and independent training

Learn the principles of aircraft handling and recovery in a lot of different scenarios, such as:

  • Wake turbulence during approach
  • Wind shear after take off
  • High and low altitude stalls with different aircraft types
  • Spin recovery in VFR and IFR conditions
  • Secondary stall during recovery



Top features:

  • Truly full envelope aeromodel
  • Stalls, spins, no limits to the flight envelope (Angle of attack from 0 to 360)
  • Real-time lift visualization
  • Multiple aircraft types
  • Wind shear, wake turbulence
  • VFR, IFR
  • Ground effect, floating
  • Scenario based training
  • Record and replay
  • Customizable


UPRT through new technology

The AGL Aeromodel used in the AGL Desktop Trainer has been engineered for the future of FSTDs. It has been verified to accurately predict the aircraft behaviour without limits to the flight envelope and is fully certifiable up to full flight simulators. The accuracy of the model across the flight envelope has been proven with data from wind tunnel tests, flight tests and input from several subject matter experts.

Originally developed by aeronautical and software engineers as a tool for aerobatic training, the AGL Desktop Trainer has evolved into a full featured learning toolset. Being suitable for both classroom teaching tool and independent training it is a cost effective and efficient UPRT application for new and experienced pilots alike.


Contact us now to take full benefits of the training for UPRT and stall awareness.

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