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Q: Where can I try a flight simulator that has the AGL Flight Model?

A: The AGL Flight Model is in operational training use at Nastar Center, in their Cessna Citation Mustang centrifuge simulator, which is dedicated for UPRT. Please contact Nastar Center to book flights and read more about the flight simulator here.


Q: How has The AGL Flight Model been verified?

A: The AGL Flight Model has gone through a step by step verification against wind tunnel data of a lot of different wings, wing body combinations, complete aircraft geometries, and aircraft test flight data.


Q: What does UPRT stand for?

A: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training. The training to prevent an aircraft entering an upset flight condition where the control could be lost, and training to recover from an upset flight condition back to normal flight.


Q: What does CFD stand for?

A: Computational Fluid Dynamics. A mathematical way to solve the flow field around a body, such as an aircraft, to compute the aerodynamic forces acting on the aircraft.

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