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AGL Simulations is the technological pinnacle of flight dynamics modelling: New computational methods displace the old industry standard. The high computing power of modern CPUs and GPUs and the state of the art optimization in programming has brought us to the point where mathematically heavy Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be utilized in real-time simulation. AGL Simulations is the first company to deliver a real-time CFD flight dynamics model for flight training (read more).

The company AGL Simulations Oy was established in 2014. It is based in Finland and specializes in flight dynamics modelling, especially at the UPRT (Upset prevention and recovery training) range. The company is privately owned and its foundation was laid in projects funded by the Finnish technology fund TEKES. Our personnel have expertise in CFD, aerodynamics, flight dynamics, hands on aerobatic flying (up to a national championship title), high performance software optimization, product development and commercialization. The wide scope of expertise provides excellent prerequisite for meeting customer needs in all aspects.

Please navigate through our pages to find out information of our products and services, and feel free to contact us for more detailed information.

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