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New flight model certified: Diamond DA40 to Alsim

30 October 2021

AGL has delivered a type-specific Diamond DA40 flight model to Alsim, the French simulator manufacturer. The company provides high fidelity certified flight simulators for flight schools, universities and military.

The flight model is using AGL's groundbreaking real-time CFD technology and has unlimited flight envelope including stalls and spins. It has been delivered for Alsim for their type specific AL40 simulator product. The AL40 has been certified to meet EASA (FNPT II), FAA (FTD 5) and CAAC (FTD 5) requirements.

Alsim's AL40 has received excellent reviews from their customers for the realistic feel of the flight model, as well as the limitless flight envelope. These advantages are characteristic of the AGL's real-time CFD technology.

The real-time CFD flight model is inherently type specific but additionally AGL received test flight data from Alsim for objective fine tuning required for certification. The objective tuning was completed within schedule and the subsequent subjective tests by expert pilots brought up only little to improve: Only the landing gear suspension and tire side force factors needed minor adjustment, besides a request for a bit softer stall.

The small amount of required extra tuning is a great testimony to the capabilities of the flight model, both in terms of final quality, as well as time and cost saving aspects.

The features delivered by AGL in the flight model include:

  • Unlimited flight envelope, including stalls, spins and other maneuvers.
  • Aerodynamic control loading, with dynamic neutral positions.
  • Control loading including aerodynamic effects of stalls and spins.
  • Landing gear model with suspension, steering and braking on different surfaces.
  • Aerodynamic effects of icing.
  • Engine, propeller, and constant speed propeller governor simulations.


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